Our Partners/Sponsors


The Barbour County Development Authority partners with many local, regional and state organizations. Creating partnerships on a wide verity of projects to improve Barbour Counties business, educational, living and community standards.

The City of Philippi is our largest partner. As the county seat and largest city in the county, we work together to build positive growth for the residents.

The City of Belington is Barbour Counties’ second-largest city located near Audra State Park and Corridor H. 

Town of Junior small community located on 250 between Randolph and Barbour Counties. 

Barbour County Commission the governing agency of Barbour County. 

Woodlands Development Group is a non-profit housing and community developer in the mountain region of West Virginia. Projects in Barbour County included the redevelopment of the Golden Rule building in Belington and the new Wolfe Street Apartments in Philippi. They are the owners of two mixed-use, main street Philippi buildings, that help develop small businesses in their spaces. 

The Barbour County Chamber of Commerce works to recruit and maintain local businesses within the county. 

City of Philippi Convention & Visitor Bureau provides information about local events and tourist information. 

West Virginia Development Office provides statewide information and support about the economy and business development. 

Philippi Mainstreet Program

Belington Revitalisation Committee

 BC Bank of Philippi, West Virginia

Freedom Bank of Belington, West Virginia

Premier Bank  

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